Một đội đặc nhiệm mới đang được đưa ra để chống lại sự bất công chủng tộc và giúp phát triển cải cách cảnh sát ở Iowa.

Lực lượng đặc nhiệm (The Equity Task) bao gồm các đại diện từ khắp tiểu bang.

Các thành viên địa phương là Cảnh Sát Trưởng thành phố Sioux City Rex Mueller, Ike Rayford, thuộc NAACP địa phương và Unity trong Cộng Đồng Sáng Lập Monique Scarlett.

Seerri haaroyni hojii irra olfamuuf jalqabamaa jira, sababa miidha bifaafi eenyumaa isaanitin irra gahaa jiruuf poolisooni Iowa seera haarawa baafatan.

Hojiin walqixxumaa bakka bu’oota kutaa hundarraayu kan hammatu ta’a.

Miseensa naannawa itti gaafatamaa poolisa Sioux City Rex Mueller, Ike Rayford, NAACP kan naannawa fi Unity kan Community founder Monique Scarlett fa’a.

በአዮዋ ውስጥ የዘር ኢፍትሃዊነትን ለመዋጋት እና የፖሊስ ማሻሻያዎችን ለማጎልበት አዲስ ግብረ ኃይል እየተሰራ ይገኛል ፡፡

የእኩልነት ተግባር ሀይል ከመላው የክልሉ ተወካዮችን ያጠቃልላል ፡፡

የአከባቢው አባላት የSioux City ፖሊስ ሃላፊ ሬክስ ሙለር ፣ ኢካ ሬይፎርድ የአከባቢው NAACP እና የማህበረሰብ መስራች ሞኒኬክ እስክታርሌት ናቸው።

በሶዮuxland ዲስትሪክት ጤና በ Woodbury ካውንቲ ውስጥ COVID-19 ዘጠኝ አዲስ አዎንታዊ ጉዳዮችን ሪፖርት እንዳደረገ እና አዲስ ሞት እንደማይኖር አስታውቋል ፡፡የግዛት ኮሮናቫይረስ ድርጣቢያ በጠቅላላው ለ 43 እና ለ 3,100 ገደማ የሚሆኑ ጉዳዮችን በተመለከተ ተጨማሪ ሞት ያሳያል ፡፡በመላ አገሪቱ 690 ሰዎች አልቀዋል እናም ከ 26,600 በላይ የሚሆኑ አዎንታዊ ጉዳዮች አሉ ፡፡ይህ በ 24-ሰዓት ውስጥ ከ 250 በላይ ጭማሪ ነው።

Se está creando un nuevo grupo de trabajo para combatir la injusticia racial y ayudar a desarrollar la reforma policial en Iowa.

La Fuerza de Tarea de Equidad incluye representantes de todo el estado.

Los miembros locales son el jefe de policía de Sioux City, Rex Mueller, Ike Rayford, de la NAACP local y Monique Scarlett, fundadora de Unity in the Community . (Unidad en la Comunidad)

Qooppin July 4 assanbata barra 30ffa isaa magaala Sioux city parkiti qophaayu sababa coronavirus tursiifame. Oduu conference har’a online irratti qopheesan SITP Dave Bernstain akka himeti guyyaa jarri August fi September irrati gochuuf ammaaf laalu jiran. 


Bernstein akka jedheti July 4 ammaaraa kan hafu torbaan 7 qofaa kan hafeefi murti qajeela murteesu jira jedhe. Akka inni jedheti qophiin kun baay’e askalaahe wan jiruuf duubasisiine yoo akkuma qaraati dhisnee sababa dhukuba kanaa qophin kun hafuu nimala. 


Ngày lễ hàng năm lần thứ 30 của “Saturday in the Park” đã bị trì hoãn từ ngày 4 tháng 7 tại thành phố Sioux City vì dịch bệnh Covid-19.

Trong một cuộc họp báo trực tuyến hôm nay, nhà tổ chức SITP Dave Berstein đã đưa ra thông báo một cách do dự, họ đang xem xét một số ngày khác vào cuối tháng 8 hoặc tháng 9.


30-ka Sabtida sanadlaha ah ee Park ayaa dib loo dhigay laga bilaabo taariikhdeeda 4-ta Luulyo ee Sioux City sababta oo ah COVID-19.

Shir jaraa'id oo khadka tooska ah maanta oo maanta ah, qaban qaabiyaha SITP Dave Bernstein wuxuu ku dhawaaqay, Wuxuu yiri, si muuqata, waxay fiirinayeen taariikho qaar dabayaaqadii August ama Sebtember,

በፓርኩ ውስጥ 30 ኛ ዓመታዊ ቅዳሜ ከሐምሌ 4 ቀን ጀምሮ በSioux city ከተማ በCovid -19 ምክንያት ዘግይቷል ፡፡

በዛሬው የመስመር ላይ የዜና ኮንፈረንስ ላይ የ SITP አዘጋጅ Dave Bernstein ማስታወቂያውን በሰጡበት ጊዜ እንደገለጹት በነሐሴ ወር ወይም በመስከረም ወር መጨረሻ አንዳንድ ቀኖችን እየተመለከቱ ነበር ፡፡

Bernstein July 4 ቀን ሰባት ሳምንታት ብቻ መሆኑን በመገመት ትክክለኛውን ውሳኔ እያደረገ ነው ብሏል ፡፡ በበዓሉ ላይ ለመገኘት መሞከር እና በመጨረሻም ክብረ በዓሉ ከእኛ እንዲወገዱ ለማድረግ ስጋት በጣም ፈጣን እንደሆነ ይሰማኛል ብለዋል ፡፡. እና ያ መጥፎ ነገር ነው ፡፡

Bernstein በበኩላቸው የአዘጋጆቹ በበጋ ወቅት ከበዓሉ ላይ የማስወጣት እድላቸው 50/50 ያህል እንደሚሆን ተናግረዋል ፡፡ በበዓሉ ላይ ዝግጅቱን ማዘግየት ውሳኔው ከባድ መሆኑን ገልፀዋል ፡፡

El trigésimo sábado anual en el parque se ha retrasado desde su fecha del 4 de julio en Sioux City debido a COVID-19.

En una conferencia de prensa en línea hoy, el organizador de SITP Dave Bernstein hizo el anuncio. Dijo, tentativamente, que estaban buscando algunas fechas a fines de agosto o septiembre

05.14.20 4:32

The 30th annual Saturday in the Park delayed from its July 4th date in Sioux City because of COVID-19. 

In an online news conference today, SITP organizer Dave Bernstein made the announcement,  He said, tentatively, they were looking at some dates in late August or September, 

"It’s the right decision, it’s the  decision we have to make,  July 4th is six weeks from now.  And just feels way to soon to risk tyring to have the vfest and ulitimatley having the festival pulled out from us and that would be a bummer."


“Saturday in the Park” provided free entertainment and more to an estimated crowd of 25,000 on July 6, 2019 at Grandview Park.

Many musicals acts played on two stages throughout the day and evening, including George Thorogood and the Destroyers.

Bass player Bill Blough spoke to Siouxland Public Media about the festival, his long-time career with the band and thoughts on Sioux City.


“Saturday in the Park” attracted an estimated 25,000 to Grandview Park in Sioux City on July 6, 2019.

Siouxland Public Media recorded the enthusiasm, music and memories of this year’s event.  

People featured during this special segment:

Phil Claeys – “Star-Spangled Banner” Performer, Sioux City, IA

Linda – Sioux City, IA

Julia Cathleen McGowen – Sioux City, IA

Cathleen McGowen – Sioux City

Brent Stockton – South Sioux City, NE – SITP Committee Member

Jeff Sweezey – Omaha, NE

JULY 4, 2019

One of the top democratic candidates for president is in Sioux City this afternoon.

A town hall started an hour ago with California Senator Kamala Harris.

California Sen. Kamala Harris make her case to become the next U.S. president in central Iowa yesterday.

Harris slammed the current administration’s trade policy, noting its impact on Iowa farmers. She said China does need to be held accountable for stealing trade secrets and intellectual property. But the way to do that is to strengthen the U.S. economy and support American workers, including farmers.


Another "Saturday in the Park" takes over Grandview Park in Sioux City, Iowa starting at noon on Saturday, July 6.

SITP Committee Member Erika Newton talked to Siouxland Public Media's Sheila Brummer about what's new this year, the musical lineup and festival memories.

Saturday in the Park

Bolin and Blumberg take a deep dive into the history of Saturday in the Park with co-founder Dave Bernstein and take a listen to some of the bands from this year and the past. 

Food For Thought - Dave Bernstein SITP 6.28.19

Jun 28, 2019

Burritos, Gyros, BBQ, Craft Beers, acres of Funnel Cakes and big ole' Turkey Legs! All that and some new stuff too. Adrian welcomes Dave Bernstein to talk about everything you can eat or drink at this year's Saturday in the Park Festival (hint: nothing you bring from your house)

The Exchange 060519


Coming up on The Exchange,

Disaster aid in the wake of March floods has finally been passed by Congress, but Siouxlanders continue to have questions about what do with the damage to homes and property.  And Farmers are still struggling with the wet weather, trying to get their crops in the field.

And last week, Siouxlanders said goodbye to one of it’s oldest elementary school buildings, as Hunt school will be torn down and rebuilt. 

Saturday in the Park looms large in Siouxland - we get out the extra sheets for friends and family who are returning for the weekend, dream up our ideal headliners, and debate past year’s lineups. With acts like Trombone Shorty and Joss Stone, not to mention Brother Ali and Sharkweek on the Abe Stage, this year’s lineup is going to be a big part of those future arguments. We caught up with event founder and organizer Dave Bernstein at the bandshell for a rundown of what’s to come.

Main Stage

Joss Stone

Abe Stage Songwriter Spotlight - DAD

Jun 27, 2017

Protige (Mark Koenigs) and Eboli (Jason Reinert) worked together as a DJ team for ten years before they became the DAD duo. Stemming from the want to make hip hop their full-time gig, they decided to give their DAD idea a shot and as they say, the rest is history.

"We usually write separately so when we get together with our DAD time that we have, we can record," explains Protige.

You can see them on the Abe Stage at Saturday in the Park this weekend.


10 O'Clock Blues 6.24.17 SITP-review

Jun 25, 2017

Cultural Continuum 6-23-17

Jun 23, 2017

Abe Stage Songwriter Spotlight - Tapwater Shrimp

Jun 9, 2017

SPM contributor Bertha Iniguez launches a new series that looks at 2nd stage performers at this year's Saturday in the Park Festival. First up, the "folk punk for angsty people" sound of Tapwater Shrimp. 

"Normally I just sit around and be sad on an acoustic guitar and then we make it real fast when we all meet up," Brinkerhoff says about Tapwater Shrimp's writing process.

The band released their new EP, Knife Game, on June 9th, with an album release show at Whiskey Dick's.