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In response to mail list and political requirements under the law and in the interest of protecting the privacy of supporters to the Friends of FM90, policies guiding use of our donor list are as outlined below:

Membership and donor information belongs to the Friends of FM90 Community Advisory Board, a nonprofit corporation.  Therefore, release of  Siouxland Public Media's membership list to an unauthorized third party cannot be authorized by anyone except The Friends of FM90 Community Advisory Board.

The Friends of FM90 donor list is managed and maintained by Siouxland Public Media staff.  All information about donors to Siouxland Public Media will remain confidential and any disclosure of such  information to unauthorized individuals or third parties is viewed as a violation of policies established by The Corporation for Public Broadcasting and National Public Radio.

The Friends of FM90 will not engage in activities that involve selling, renting, leasing, loaning, trading, giving, donating, transferring or exchanging membership names to or with political candidates or parties, businesses, for-profit organizations and non-profit organizations.