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Sounds of ArtSplash 2019

Sep 4, 2019
Siouxland Public Media

Over the Labor Day Weekend thousands of people gathered at Riverside Park for ArtSplash.  After a slower start on Saturday because of rainy weather, Sunday brought out a huge crowd and about a dozen people shared their thoughts on this annual Sioux City festival with Siouxland Public Media’s Sheila Brummer.

On the final afternoon at ArtSplash Siouxland Public Media caught up with the Development Coordinator for the Art Center, Erin Webber-Dreeszen.      

She’s in charge of the annual event and says personally ArtSpash has come full circle in her life.

Who But An Artist

Jun 5, 2019
Sioux City Art Center

"She was influenced by what's called the Vienna Dioscurides. What that was, was the oldest illustrated book of edible and medicinal plants in existance," says Behrens. "She felt like she needed to translate the drawings in the books into something new. And she drew using her sewing machine and thread and organza, these images of the plants."

Pure Nostalgia

May 21, 2019
Sioux City Art Center

"His artworks are really accessible, they are combinations of nostalgia with a little bit of pop thrown in," says Behrens. "But, the more you start to look you recognize that there's a lot more detail than what your eyes first tell you…"  

Works by Andrew Kosten are currently on display in the Sioux City Art Center Selects exhibition which is on view through June 23rd.

Alex Waters

The state legislature has been in session seven weeks and a lot has happened.  Lawmakers passed the controversial Chapter 20 measure that largely ended collective bargaining for public employees in Iowa, changing the way their healthcare will be managed and might eventually affect their pension system.

Fra Juan Sánchez Cotán

The shrimp are big at the Sioux City Art Center's annual event ARTilicious. Really. They are "we're gonna need a bigger boat" big. Even bigger is the fun, of course. The atmosphere is low key and delicious. Those who come will find themselves feted with food and drink and able to enjoy the Center's works amongst fellow gustatory art lovers. 

The center of high culture in Sioux City was TS Martins Co, a downtown department store that opened in 1919 and closed in 1970. Buyers brought back the latest fashions from New York, Boston, Chicago, and beyond. The centerpieces of the new collections would be displayed in the great banks of windows lining the streets, stirring fantasies in the minds of passers-by and lookie-loos. These displays are the inspiration for the exhibition "The Legacy of TS Martin," now up at the Sioux City Art Center