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NEWS 6.13.22: Heat Advisory, Election Audit, Nonprofit Help, and More

The hottest weather of the year so far is forecast for Iowa today and tomorrow.

A Heat Advisory was issued today for all of Siouxland and the state of Iowa.

The National Weather service tells Radio Iowa parts of western Iowa could see a temperature of more than 100.

There should be a little relief in the high temperatures midweek with hights in the 80s and even low 90s.

Experts say drink plenty of water, even if you’re not thirsty. And never leave children or pets unattended in a vehicle.

The six-to-ten-day outlook calls for above-normal temperatures for Iowa through June 22nd. Summer officially arrives on the 21st.

Sioux City Police released the name of a man shot and killed near downtown Sioux City last week. 32-year-old Katrina Barnes has been charged with 2nd Degree Murder for the death of Dolerean N. Wade on Thursday night. Barnes also faces drug charges. Twenty-five-year-old Jordyn Easton of Sioux City was charged with accessory after the fact. Investigators say she concealed evidence related to the crime. The investigation into the deadly shooting is ongoing.

Today, Woodbury County Election Commissioner says the post-election audit for the Primary Election is complete. Pat Gill says the results of the audit matched the results counted on Election Day. The Iowa Secretary of State’s Office chose Precinct 15’s U.S. Senate results to be audited through a random drawing. The local audit also included Precinct 14 since both precincts were consolidated from last week’s election. The audit is standard procedure across the state of Iowa.

Iowa is launching a 20-million-dollar grant opportunity for nonprofits to expand their services. Iowa nonprofits can apply for 500-thousand to 3 million dollars in grants from the Nonprofit Innovation fund to improve their infrastructure. The application window opens later this month.

Paul Thelen directs the Larned A. Waterman Iowa Nonprofit Resource Center at the University of Iowa. He says more and more, the government is paying nonprofits to provide direct services to people. And this grant is an opportunity for them to scale up. But, it isn’t always enough.

“It's not enough to say, Well, we've built the facility, we've built the infrastructure, but we haven't made steps to make it possible to now employ the people that would be necessary to run it. But it's rare that it's ever just one lever that you're pushing in the nonprofit sector. And this is where I think our nonprofits in Iowa and elsewhere are very resilient.”

Thelen says smaller nonprofits didn’t fare as well as large ones in terms of revenue during the pandemic, especially if pivoting to online was difficult or impossible. And now, nonprofits, especially social services or health care, are facing trouble with high turnover and burnout.

The federal government says it will distribute $60 million among 12 states, including Iowa, that have waterways that flow into the Mississippi River to help them control farm runoff and other pollution that contribute to a dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico.

Bidding on the final private lunch investor Warren Buffett plans to auction off to raise money for a California homeless charity has already topped $3 million. The online auction that raises money to support the Glide Foundation's work to help the homeless in San Francisco began Sunday and continues through Friday night. Buffett has said that this year's auction — which is the first one since before the pandemic — will be the final one. The lunch is already proving pricey but the bidding remains well below the record set in 2019 of $4,567,888. The biggest bids usually come near the end of the eBay auction.

A family fun night is scheduled tonight by Sioux City’s Neighbor Network. It will take place at Lief Erikson and Lewis Swimming pools from 6 to 8 p.m.

A southwest Iowa native who sang the theme song for the early 1990s hit TV show “Twin Peaks” died at the age of 65.

Julee Cruise also appeared on Twin Peaks as a singer and was featured in both sequels. She recorded four solo albums and toured with the B-52s in 1992, filling in when singer Cindy Wilson took a break from the band.

In 2018, Cruise announced on Facebook she was retiring from performing due to systemic lupus. Her husband told the New York Times that Cruise had struggled with depression and her health and took her own life.

Cruise was born in Creston. After graduating with a music degree from Drake University, she moved to Minneapolis before leaving for New York City in 1983.

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