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Plan for Northside Subdivision in the Loess Hills Meets with Oppostion, 4:04


A proposal to clear soil away from a high hill that lies north of 41st Street, near North Middle School, has drawn opposition from some citizens concerned about the environmental impact of the development plan. 

If the Sioux City Council agrees today, Rodney Lieber and his excavation company will be one step closer to removing most of the soil away from the hill to make way for future construction.

Lieber is the owner of the land on 41st St. According to public records, Lieber's plan is to excavate most of the soil away to make room for an approximately 35-acre residential subdivision. However, the plotted land is currently zoned as agricultural. 

As of July 1, Woodbury County has officially departed the Sioux Rivers Regional Mental Health and Disability Services agency and now belongs in the Rolling Hills Community Services Region.

There were challenges in fitting Woodbury County, with a population of more than 100,000 residents, into a more rural region, with the combined seven other counties having 98,000 residents. 

 Nebraska regulators and Big Ox Energy struck an agreement today to extend the decision date of whether the troubled South Sioux City biogas plant will be allowed to keep its state environmental permits, according to SC Journal.

The agreement stipulates that Big Ox cease operations immediately. However, the Wisconsin-based company has 60 days to report any further issues pertaining to the site of energy production and to properly take care of environmental issues at the facility.

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