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Check It Out: I Liked My Life

Maddy, a loving stay at home wife and mother, seems to have it all. She will drop anything to help her friends, lives for her daughter’s happiness, and has a husband who provides financially for anything she needs. Maddy is the true cornerstone of her family.

Then she commits suicide. Her husband, Brady, and daughter, Eve, are left heartbroken to pick up the pieces of their once organized life. They cannot understand what drove her to do such a thing. Struggling with their new reality, they sort through details of her last days, trying to understand why Maddy saw suicide as the only way out. With guilt weighing heavily on their shoulders, Brady and Eve question what they did to make her so unhappy, forcing themselves to come to terms with some unsettling truths.

However, Maddy is not quite ready to leave her family. As she struggles to send signs to her family that she is still there, she becomes more and more aware of the fact that she can no longer play an active role in the lives of the family she once adored. One of Maddy’s signals succeeds when she gets Brady to come across her diary which reveals her inner struggles, leading Brady and Eve to realize they really never paid enough attention to Maddy. They assumed she’d always be there to take care of things.

Having come to the realization that Maddy was the glue that bonded their family together, Brady and Eve know that if they have any hope of moving on, they must try to build a good relationship with each other.

I Liked My Life is a powerful novel that approaches death and loss in a truly honest and revealing way. With the story being told from the points of view of: Maddy, Brady, and Eve, the reader feels each heartbreaking moment, as their new reality sets in for each character. Fabiaschi leads readers through the all the stages of grief, and moments of healing with a subtle flow of humor and emotion.

Check out I Liked My Life, and other eye-opening, emotional page-turners like it at the Sioux City Public Library.  


Support for Check It Out comes for Avery Brothers.

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