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Check It Out: The Widow's Season

Today, I am recommending a suspenseful, page-turning novel called The Widow’s Season by Laura Brodie. This debut novel is a mesmerizing tale about love, grief, and the ghosts who show up where we least expect them.

Sarah McConnell, an English professor who wants nothing more than to be a mother, and her husband David, a well-liked doctor on a college campus are trying to start a family. After several miscarriages, Sarah and David start to drift apart. David decides to get away and takes a kayaking trip. While on this trip, David goes missing during a storm. While his personal belongings and kayak are recovered, David’s body never is.
Desperate to heal and start moving on with her life, Sarah has a memorial service for David, hoping it will bring her closure. In reality, it seems to do the exact opposite. Sarah begins to see David around town.
Is Sarah crazy to think she sees her late husband beside a display of pumpkins in the grocery store? Or is it a natural response to her grief that will fade in time? Sarah’s friends tell her that what’s happening is understandable; it is all part of the grieving process. However, Sarah believes there could be another answer.
They never found his body after all. Then David appears in their front yard on Halloween night, and Sarah invites him in. David tells her of his harrowing tale, and she begins to find herself questioning her grip on reality. How long would you hold on to something the world is telling you to let go of?
Check out this suspenseful, heart-wrenching book and others like it, at the Sioux City Public Library.

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