Betsy Thompson

The title I’m recommending today is A Truck Full of Money: One Man’s Quest to Recover from Great Success, written by Tracy Kidder. The book is part biography of Paul English who is a brilliant software engineer, and it’s part business book about the wild, mad adventure that is entrepreneurship, venture capital, and start-up culture.

The book I’m recommending today is a story about stories, it’s about sharing stories and about some stories that we wish we hadn’t shared. Commonwealth, the latest novel by Ann Patchett ends with these lines (don’t worry--no spoiler alert is needed), “Now she understood that at some point far out in the future there would be a night just like tonight, and she would remember this story and know that no one else in the world knew it had happened except Albie. She had needed to keep something for herself.”

Check It Out: CJ Box

Jul 21, 2015


One of the connections I like to make between books and summer vacations is to read a story set in the place that you'll be visiting. Today I'm recommending author C.J. Box and his mystery series featuring Wyoming fish and game warden, Joe Pickett. Reading any of the Joe Pickett series will transport you to the Wyoming and Montana mountains.