Ernst Says There is a Need to "Fight Corruption"

Oct 3, 2019

US Senator Joni Ernst with high school students attending leadership conference at Briar Cliff University


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Republican US Senator Joni Ernst says anytime there is corruption or fraud, the Congress needs to combat it.  Ernst was in Sioux City yesterday (Thursday) talking about leadership with high school students at Briar Cliff University.  Ernst was asked about the impending impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.  Without passing judgment on the case, Ernst said the Senate Intelligence Committee will look at the evidence in the impeachment process in a bi-partisan manner.

Bottom line, if there is corruption or fraud, I don’t care what country, I don’t care what party, I don’t care where it is.   Anytime there is corruption fraud, we should be looking at that.  And I’m not just saying we as the US, I think any country where there’s corruption.  

Calls for impeachment have ratcheted up since a whistleblower exposed a July phone call where President Trump pressed the Ukrainian president for an investigation of Democratic political rival Joe Biden and his family.  The president has denied any wrongdoing.

Small farmers and their allies are responding to comments the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture made this week that suggested only big farms are likely to survive. 

In a gathering with dairy farmers in Wisconsin, Sonny Perdue said there’s no guarantee small dairies will survive. He suggested 100 cows might be too few to turn a profit.

University of Illinois agriculture policy professor Jonathan Coppess found the comment, quote, shocking.

The number of dairy farms continues to fall. But, a 2018 Farm Bill program designed to help has paid out $300 million in its first year.