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VetZero Project, Pres. Candidate Tim Ryan, Saturday in the Park

Con Brio, on the Abe Stage at Saturday in the Park

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This week on The Exchange talk with some of the performers on the Abe stage at Saturday in the Park.  One of them in Con Brio.  Con Brio is a named for an Italian musical direction meaning with spirit.  Con Brio is San Francisco Bay Area band that plays what its members call "energetic soul", psych-rock and R&B.  

Another band on the Abe Stage will be Matisyahu, a reggae and hip-hop composer, and performer whose

 work is based on his roots in Judaism.  Also known as Mathew Paul Miller, Matisyahu (gift of God in Hebrew),  is known for blending Orthodox Jewish themes with reggae, rock and beatbox sounds.

The main stage will feature hip-hop artist Flo Rida, rocker George Thorogood, and singer, songwriter, and performer Liz Phair.

Also on the program, we talk with Tommy Zurhellen, a Navy veteran and associate professor of creative writing at Marists College who is walking across America to draw attention to and raise funds for homeless veterans.  He was in Sioux City this week.

Liz Phair

Democratic Presidential Candidate and Congressman Tim Ryan was also in Siouxland this week.  We talk with Ryan about his goals for America and how he thinks our educational system could be improved. 

Democratic Presidential Candidate and Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan

We also talk with the head of the Briar Cliff Department of Nursing about its new master's program on mental health nurses who are physicians assistants.  These graduates will be able to provide mental health services, at a time when Iowa and Siouxland are in dire need of mental health professionals. 

Local historian Russ Gifford gives us some perspective on what really happened on the first 4th of July, and we find out what's going on at perennial favorite summer amusement park, Arnolds Park on Lake Okoboji.

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