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News and resources regarding COVID-19

Gov. Reynolds Says Iowa Now Has 44 Cases of COVID-19; Questions about Testing, Who and Why

Iowa now has 44 positive COVID-19 cases. 

The governor made the announcement at a press conference this afternoon. Yesterday the count was 38 cases of COVID-19 in Iowa.  The respiratory illness is caused by the novel coronavirus.  Reynolds said the state and all Iowans are committed to preventing the spread of the virus.  She also talked about efforts to support the state’s small businesses.

Unemployment benefits are available for people whose jobs are impacted by COVID-19, and for employers we are waiving unemployment charges, so taxes are not affected. We are extending filing deadlines for several state tax types, including individual income taxes to July 1st

DrCaitlin Pedati is the State Medical Director and Epidemiologist.

Dr. Pedati was asked about the need for testing and who would be tested first.  

She said testing is important when health care providers intend to take some action with the patient. 

“That’s true when we talk about COVID-19 or anything else.  So particularly for our hospitalized patients, we want to test those people because it helps doctors how to care for those patients, and what to expect as they care for them.”

State public health officials are asking Iowans to donate extra personal protective equipment or P-P-E to help address the coronavirus.

State and local leaders say stockpiles of masks and gloves are being used rapidly and healthcare providers and first responders are bracing for shortages.

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