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Woodbury County Still Free of Covid-19; UI Students Won't be Back on Campus this Spring


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Siouxland District Health said this morning that, so far there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Woodbury County.

At a news conference at Western Iowa Tech, Deputy director Tyler Brock was asked about the limited supply of tests for the virus.

“The focus is getting people tested who need it the most.  O.K.   Folks with mild system are going to be told they don’t need to be tested, ok?” 

Brock said he couldn’t put an exact number on tests conducted in Woodbury County.  But, says all have come back negative, so far.

Last week, Siouxland District Health said there were enough test available for patients.  Today, they admit the supply is limited and they don’t know how many are available at health providers and labs in our area.

Kevin Grieme (Greem) also addressed the issue of hoarding at local stores.  He says city leaders are also concerned about the problem.

“If anyone is asked to be isolated it’s only 2 weeks.  But, that would be the target for people prepping with supplies to plan that.”

Grieme said residents need to protect themselves and follow CDC guidelines of social distancing.  

U-S Senator Joni Ernst says the Senate is currently working on legislation to help the small business community and working families in the country in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Republican says she’s also hearing from agricultural groups in Iowa that they’re concerned about the coronavirus’s effect on recent trade deals.

Ernst says she anticipates the pandemic having a negative effect on Iowa’s biofuel industry as Americans are traveling less.

Students at the University of Iowa will not return to in-person classes for the rest of the spring semester. School administrators announced further shutdowns today (Wednesday), as Johnson County grapples with community spread of the coronavirus. 

Online classes at the U-I will resume Monday March 30th, and be held virtually through the end of the semester.The campus is closing key buildings, including libraries, the student union and most dorms. And school leaders are canceling spring commencement ceremonies.

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