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Iowa Court of Appeals Turns Down Appeal on Revamped Jud. Nominating Commission


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A House panel has tabled a bill that would ban Iowa health care providers from trying to change a child’s sexual orientation or gender identity. 

Committee Chair Bobby Kaufmann, a Republican, says he wants to keep working on legislation to ban conversion therapy for LGBTQ children. 

The Iowa Court of Appeals has rejected two cases challenging a law that restructured the state judicial nominating commission. 

The law was passed late in last year’s session. It gave the governor a ninth appointment on the 17-member panel. Iowa attorneys select the other eight. Governor Kim Reynolds appointed her first Supreme Court justice under the new format last month.

You know they’ve done a great job of sending me great selections. So I believe it’s working and it’s doing well and of course, I agree with the ruling.

The challengers include a group of attorneys and Democratic Representatives as well as a West Des Moines lawyer who was overlooked for a judicial nomination. 

They claim the law violates the State Constitution, but in both cases, the court of appeals ruled they lacked standing to challenge it. They have 20 days to appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court.

An equipment failure at Tyson Fresh Meats caused a discharge of untreated wastewater early today, and some of the water is suspected of entering Storm Lake.

Officials at the Storm Lake plant notified the Iowa Department of Natural Resources of the discharge at about 2 a.m. and estimated that 10,000 gallons were lost before they could stop the discharge.

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