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Head of Democratic National Committee Calls for "Recanvassing" of Caucus Results

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The chairman of the Democratic National Committee is calling for a “recanvass” of the results of Monday's Iowa caucus. 

Technical problems and delays have marred the first contest on the 2020 election calendar. The current results show Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders nearly tied with almost all the votes counted. 

But the race remained too early to call early Thursday, with 97% of precincts reporting. Party officials are scrambling to verify the remaining results three days after Iowans gathered at caucus sites across the state to begin choosing which Democrat will take on President Donald Trump in November. 

There have been reports of Trump supporters calling the Democrats’ on caucus night on the results reporting hotline. Republican Governor Kim Reynolds says those reports are “false.”

The Iowa Democratic Party told multiple news outlets that the hotline for precinct chairs to report caucus results was backed up, partly because of Trump supporters making prank calls.

A reporter asked Reynolds about the calls at a press conference today (Thursday).

That is absolutely false. Come on. It was the app that failed first, so let’s start there. And we’ve got another state that’s not even going to use it. So it was problematic, very problematic, to start with.”

She did not provide a reason for why she thinks reports of the calls are false.

The Nebraska Capitol's public wireless internet has been turned off temporarily after a “critical security breach." 

Sen. Mike Hilgers said the Wi-Fi was shut down to protect the state's network and the private information held by state lawmakers and other state officials. 

Hilgers says state officials don't know who caused the breach and were still investigating. He says the internet service will return as soon as it's safe. 

His comments came after several lawmakers complained that they had lost access to the public internet they use to conduct personal business while on the legislative floor.