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Still No Decision on the Victor of the Iowa Caucuses, Debate Over Med Marijuana at Statehouse

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Sioux City School Board Member Dan Greenwell at yesterday’s board meeting talked about a possible $850,000 that could be cut from the 2020-21 budget. The board members will have budget discussions over the next two months toward setting a budget of more than $200 million by April. Greenwell brought his own summary of budget cuts to yesterday’s meeting and he also shared the cuts in a letter to district Superintendent Paul Gausman.

Greenwell included pages of exhibits that went back five and 10 years on such subjects as general fund expenses, travel expenses, and comparing the growth rates of administrative and instructional costs. Greenwell said $700,000 could be cut from consulting and professional services, plus another $150,000 from travel expenses.

There are still no official results out of the Iowa Democratic caucuses today (Tuesday), as New Hampshire voters go to the polls for the first in the nation primary.

Multiple failures in the Iowa Democratic Party’s caucus night reporting process delayed the release of results for days.

IDP State Central Committee Member Lindsey Ellickson says she still has questions about what went wrong and says public trust in the party is on the line.

“But I am worried about how that plays into voter trust and what we can do to earn that trust back. And I think it’s really, really important as an SCC member myself for the party…to make sure that the party is being open and accountable.”

The Associated Press says it cannot declare an official winner in the contest because of “irregularities in the results”. The fiasco has renewed questions about the role of Iowa and New Hampshire in the presidential nominating process.

A bill advancing in the Iowa House of Representatives would expand some parts of Iowa’s medical cannabis program. But the amount of THC patients would be allowed to have remains a sticking point.

Governor Kim Reynolds vetoed a similar bill last year because some medical cannabis advisory board members thought the allowed amount of THC could cause harm to some patients.

The board recommends allowing 4-point-5 grams of THC over 90 days, with some exceptions, and that’s what’s in the bill. Here’s Republican Representative Jarad Klein.

“Absolutely going to be very closely tied with the board because I know that’s where the governor is. We know that 25 is too high. We know that 4.5 may be too low for some people so we’ll see if there’s a middle ground to be found.”

Democrat John Forbes says he can’t support the bill because some patients are already taking more THC than what it would allow.

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