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Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders Call for Partial Recanvassing of Caucus Results

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Pete Buttigieg is seeking a partial audit of results from the Iowa Democratic Caucus.

The Democratic presidential candidate made the request for a "partial recanvass" to Troy Price, chair of the Iowa Democratic Party. Vermont US Senator Bernie Sanders has already submitted a list of 25 precincts and three satellite caucus locations that he wants the Iowa Democratic Party to review. Sander says if there are mistakes, correcting could give him an edge in the razor-thin difference in results. 

Buttigieg said in his letter, obtained by the Des Moines Register, that his recanvass request is based on reporting discrepancies, calculation and math errors and a reporting and calculation error in how state delegate equivalents were awarded to in-state satellite caucuses. State delegate equivalents, or SDEs, are used to calculate the winner of Iowa's Democratic caucus.

Cities and counties would not be able to make local rules on gun accessories tougher than state law, under a bill advancing in the Iowa House. Those accessories include high capacity magazines and rapid-fire bump stocks t

The bill states that if local governments ban weapons at public buildings, they must also provide screening and armed security. 

Richard Rogers of the Iowa Firearms Coalition supports the bill.

 Putting up a no-gun sign has no effect on bad people. It does affect the good people, their ability to defend themselves. Not even so much as a public meeting, at a public place, but on their way to and from.

Opponents at the subcommittee meeting said requiring more security could too expensive, and that the proposal strips local governments of any input on gun safety. 

Republican Representative Steven Holt of Denison ays the goal behind the proposal is to ensure gun range owners are treated fairly by zoning boards. 

It passed on a 2 to 1 vote and now goes to the full House Public Safety Committee.

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