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Candidates Sanders and Buttigieg Ask For Recanvassing Some Caucus Precincts for Inconsistancies

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Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg's presidential campaigns have filed requests for a partial recanvass of the results of Iowa's Democratic caucuses. In its Monday filing, the Sanders campaign cited "mathematical errors and inconsistencies" in more than two dozen caucus locations that it says would change the results if amended. The Iowa Democratic Party says the Buttigieg campaign requested a check on results in 66 precincts. Current results show Buttigieg with a razor-thin lead over Sanders in state delegate equivalents, and the party has awarded Buttigieg 14 delegates to Sanders' 12. But the Sanders campaign believes correcting faulty math could swing the delegate allocation in Sanders' favor.

A South Dakota Senate committee on today rejected a bill that would have prohibited medical professionals from providing hormone treatments and sex reassignment surgeries to transgender youths.

The decision by the Senate Health and Human Services Committee followed emotional testimony from both advocates and opponents of the bill. About 20 opponents who rallied against the proposed legislation prior to the hearing packed the hearing room. The vote was 5-2.

Republican State Sen. Wayne Steinhauer, of Hartford, made the motion to defeat the bill. He called it a "gut-wrenching" issue, but one that should be left with families and not the Legislature.

But RepublicanLance Russell, of Hot Springs, argued the bill allowed families to bring an action if a young person was damaged from transgender treatment.

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