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Invasive Zebra Mussells in Hancock County's Crystal Lake, Mississippi River Towns Flood Toll, 5:04

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Invasive zebra mussels have been found in Crystal Lake in north-central Iowa in Hancock County.

Zebra mussels are native to eastern Europe and they eat up plankton many native freshwater fish need to survive. The mussels can attach themselves to boat motors, bait buckets, and dam mechanisms and cause damage to motors and facilities.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says juvenile versions of the small black and white species were discovered in a recent water sample. No adult zebra mussels were found in a follow-up survey. Officials say the mussels probably arrived on or in a boat that had been in an infested water body, such as nearby Clear Lake.

Boaters are urged to clean, drain and dry watercraft to prevent the spread.

Flood waters on the Mississippi River are expected to keep falling this week. 

In many places, the Mississippi is now below flood stage for the first time since March. The water was there so long that some local officials say they’ll be looking for damage to sewer lines and other underground infrastructure caused by shifting, waterlogged soil.

Colin Wellenkamp is executive director of a group representing mayors along the river. He says the final tally will likely go well beyond the 2 billion dollars they estimated in March.

WELLENKAMP: 10       Taking into account the further losses in the valley from farming and manufacturing, we’re definitely north of 2 billion dollars in impacts.

The flood ended in the Quad Cities after a record 96 days. In Burlington, the river is still high after 104 days.

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