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Sioux City to Oppose Limitations on Property Taxes, Steve King Opponent Raises Funds, 4:32

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Next week, members of the Iowa House will debate HB 773, which would prevent counties and cities from raising property taxes above a certain level each year. The Sioux City Council will consider a resolution opposing the bill at next Monday’s meeting.  At a news conference this morning, City manager Bob Padmore that the bill would result in a two-percent increase limit that would have to cover the fire department and police department, which use most of the city’s property tax dollars.  Padmore says the bill is based more innuendo than fact.  


“The city of Sioux City is very responsible with our taxpayer dollars.  This past year, we actually approved a budget which will collect fewer dollars in property tax dollars than last year, so we are actually collecting fewer dollars.

Padmore says the measure includes a soft cap provision, which means the council could vote to override it, but then it would be subject to a vote from the people if they choose to override that two percent increase to their budget.

Woodbury County Supervisor Jeremy Taylor, who is also a Republican congressional candidate from Sioux City yesterday announced he had raised just under $58,000 in the opening months of his candidacy.

Taylor is running to unseat fellow Republican U.S. Rep. Steve King, who has held office since 2002. 

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