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Steve King on Pres. Trump's Threats to Close the Border, SPM News, 4:04

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Siouxland Public Media Newscast, 4:04, 04.08.19
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Republican Congressman Steve King says he’ll support President Trump if the president follows through on his threat to close the southern border.

King said Saturday that it was more a message than it was a policy, according to the Sioux City Journal.

King told reporters that Trump’s threat was meant to pressure Mexico to seal its southern border with Guatemala.

While King has signaled his support for sealing the U.S. border with Mexico, he said there must be conditions to allow trucks through, so commerce can continue.

 Drivers who have unpaid traffic camera tickets are challenging the state of Iowa's ability to seize part of their tax refunds to collect the money.

Attorney Jim Larew argues that the Department of Administrative Services doesn't have the legal authority to collect unpaid speeding and red light infractions issued by traffic cameras.

He's representing drivers who are facing the seizure of parts of their refunds for old tickets that they dispute. The state has contracts with cities like Cedar Rapids and Des Moines to take funds to offset those debts and assesses an additional 6 % fee for itself.

Sioux City's local recreational trail system is growing in mileage and becoming more balanced. City officials are looking into adding the first biking lanes onto city streets, something most medium- or large-sized cities already have.

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