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Housing Construction On the Rise in Siouxland

2016 was a record breaking year for residential housing construction in Sioux City.  A total of 241 housing units were built last year.  The previous high was 205 units in 2015.  City manager Robert Padmore says the city’s apartment complexes were aging and up until recently, there were few replacements.  Also, Padmore says the development of downtown housing has made a big difference.

“You look at the Ho Chunk developments, you look at all of the things Bart Connelly has done with the Jackson Plaza, all of those have been home runs, they’re selling out as soon as they become available, and I think it shows that there is a market in Sioux City for new housing and different housing.”

Padmore says the influx of new industry and expansion of others has also created a big demand.

Bob Padmore talks about the increase of housing construction in Sioux City.


“We have the benefit of Seaboard Triumph coming in the next year.  A thousand line workers and 200 executives that need a place to live.  This is a perfect opportunity for people to come in and build houses and have a market that’s waiting for them.”

At least half of the new housing construction consists of apartment complexes, with duplexes, condominiums and townhouse development on the rise as well.

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