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SC Council Gets Tougher on Face Mask Stance; A Look at Universal Health Coverage

Rosemarie Day, author of "Marching Toward Coverage: How Women Can Lead the Way for Universal Healthcare"

This week on The Exchange, what citizens may have to do to move the US to a universal health care system.  Nearly every other wealthy, developed country in the world has already done so.  
Rosemarie Day is the author of new book on the subject.  She helped run the Massachusetts version of the Affordable Care Act.  


Also, the Sioux City Council goes a step further in its recommendations concerning face masks.
However, due to state regulations, no local municipality can issue a facemask mandate.

This weekend, the people of Alton, Iowa, will take part in an unveiling of new mural downtown that celebrates the arrival of immigrants from Luxembourg 150 years ago.

Some of the first Luxembourgian immigrants to arrive in Alton, Iowa 1870. This photo was taken on the 50th anniversary of their arrival, in 1920. Courtesy, The Luxembourg Heritage Society of Northwest Iowa.

We also take a look back at how people got to Siouxland and northwest Iowa before the railroads came. 

And Alley Art returns to Sioux City in a bit of new form and using precautions to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. 

We hear from singer and guitarist Johnny A, who was supposed to be performing at Vanguard Arts back in April before most live performances were canceled because of COVD-19. Johnny A is doing an online show this Friday. 

Courtesy, kwit.org

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