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Check It Out: And Only to Deceive


Today, I’m recommending And Only to Deceive by Tasha Alexander, the first installment in the Lady Emily Ashton mystery series.

First published in the early 2000s, this memorable debut paved the way for nine additional titles in the series, the latest being 2015’s The Adventuress.

Geared towards fans of both cozy and historical mysteries this suspenseful first book in the series will not disappoint.

Emily Bromley, a Victorian beauty, doesn’t really want to marry. Her story begins when she accepts the proposal of Phillip, the Viscount Ashton, as an easy way to escape her overbearing mother. After only a few months of marriage, she soon finds herself a widow, after the husband she barely knows dies while on safari.

Now, two years later, Emily has discovered that Philip was a far different man than the one he had professed to be. Hearing stories about Philip’s interest in Greek literature and his exquisite collection of antiquities, Emily finds herself falling in love with her mysterious late husband. But the more she discovers about Philip’s extraordinary life, the more she fears his death may not have been an accident.

Wanting to find out what really happened to Philip, Emily’s need to learn more leads her to more surprises and one very dangerous secret…

Was Philip murdered? What are his best friends keeping from her? Who can she really trust?

        To find out what happens to Lady Emily, check out And Only to Deceive and the rest of this suspenseful romantic mystery series at the Sioux City Public Library.     


Support for Check It Out comes from Avery Brothers.

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