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Check It Out: Angel Killer


Andrew Mayne, professional illusionist and star of the hit TV show Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne dives into mystery writing with his debut novel Angel Killer. Drawing from his own life experience, Mayne combines magic and mayhem, putting a new spin on the police procedural. Angel Killer introduces readers to FBI agent Jessica Blackwood, a former professional magician who abandoned the family business for a career in law enforcement.

Believing she has successfully left her complicated past behind her, Jessica relishes her day job of crunching numbers for the bureau in pursuit of white collar criminals. Her new, normal life, comes to a screeching halt when a killer with seemingly supernatural powers, forces Jessica to puts her talents as a magician to the ultimate test.  

A mysterious hacker, who identifies himself only as "Warlock," brings down the FBI's website and posts a code in its place. The code hides the GPS coordinates of a Michigan cemetery, where a dead girl is discovered rising from the ground, as if she tried to crawl out of her own grave. This gruesome murder is just the first of many dark and disturbing miracles the Warlock performs.

On the case is FBI consultant (and genius mathematician) Dr. Jeffrey Ailes. At a loss on how to solve the seemingly impossible, Ailes retreats back to his office to take a much needed break. He mindlessly starts flipping through old magazines, trying to come up with a way to solve the case, and discovers an old copy of Magician Magazine with FBI agent Jessica Blackwood on the cover.

Faced with a case that appears beyond explanation, Ailes has nothing to lose--and everything to gain--by taking a chance on Jessica and her expert knowledge in the art of illusion. Can Jessica confront her past and embrace her unique gifts to stop a depraved killer? If she can’t, she may become his next victim.

Check out this suspenseful work of crime fiction and many others like it at the Sioux City Public Library.

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