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Port Nocturnal - 2017 Saturday in the Park Main Stage

Having lived together in a "powerless band house" for several months, piece by piece, Port Nocturnal was formed. Using inspiration from a variety of genres, the band describes their sound as a postmodern Midwestern Desert Rock, with elements of Blues, Psychedelic, Progressive/Art Rock and Jazz improv. Their debut album even features the band's drummer, Grace Claeys, playing the keys for "Good Behavior" and "Rose Coloured Glasses".  

"We were at the recording studio, in California, and we were kinda wrapping up... they had this beautiful piano there, and I just like, can't not touch it, you know," Grace Claeys reminicses, "I went over there, messed around, and Zach's like 'hey, let's record that' and I said 'really, okay.'"

Port Nocturnal is ecstatic for their debut performance on the main stage of this year's Saturday in the Park. Check out a few of their tracks below.

Suitable - Port Nocturnal

Highs and Lows - Port Nocturnal

Good Behavior - Port Nocturnal (featuring band drummer, Grace Claeys on the keys)

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