Cultural Continuum 2-08-19

Feb 8, 2019


Cultural Continuum 6-22-18

Jun 22, 2018

Watermelon, BBQ, and live music....sounds like summertime! Join Joanne Fox and Steve Smith for today's Cultural Continuum.

George Boykin is the guest on Opus today. George talks about growing up in Sioux City in a time of segregation and his time with the Sanford Community Center and the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors. He also talks about the struggle facing many musicians of color during the mid 20th century.

Ten O'Clock Blues 11.18.17

Nov 19, 2017

A jazzy Stevie Ray instrumental to listen to on the show tonight plus brand new music from the John Pagano Band and the Supersonic Blues Machine who have hired on Billy Gibbons to help out on one of thier songs.

Cultural Continuum 8-04-17

Aug 4, 2017


Jim Adamson, a volunteer with the Cherokee Jazz & Blues Festival, paid more attention to rock ‘n’ roll when he was growing up.

On recent programs we’ve heard several cuts - on this show it’s “Hangover” - from guitarist John Scofield’s new quartet CD, Past Present. Scofield has gathered together the early 90s lineup he led with saxophonist Joe Lovano and drummer Bill Stewart, and added bassist Larry Grenadier. Scofield recently lost a son to cancer and the experience focused his sense of how vividly the past survives in the present. Thus the title of the new work. The recording displays his predilection for the blues, country music and soul-jazz he loved in his own youth.