Before Photoshop, Jerry Uelsmann Created Startling Photographic Compositions

Nov 7, 2018

Jerry Uelsmann's "Untitled"
Credit Sioux City Art Center

Jerry Uelsmann is a master of the darkroom who, before the creation of image editing software, saw the possibilities of combining photographic images from separate exposures into a single, seamless composition. Because of his deftness, when we look at his images from a context where digital editing is expected, we still feel a sense of awe and wonder. Which is why he remains one of the most influential artists working with photography even though that particular genre of art has evolved dramatically since Uelsmann began exposing film to light. 

Uelsmann's Untitled is a part of the the Sioux City Art Center's permanent collection and can be seen now in the Permanent Collection on View exhibition. 

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Produced by Jorge Quezada