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What's The Frequency: For Mother's Day, Siouxland moms look back on the joys and challenges of their journey in raising families

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Mother's Day originated in 1914 (Stock image)
Mother's Day originated in 1914 (Stock image)

Mother’s Day arrives on Sunday.

It is a notable holiday has been in place since 1914, and is designed as a day in which people out of gratitude give kudos and support and gifts to their mothers.

For this episode of What’s The Frequency, I wanted to have a discussion on what it is like to be a mom in 2024, to discuss how difficult it may be, plus to have some women look back on how things they heard when first pregnant squared up with the reality of how being a mom actually went for them.

We wanted to get a diversity of ages of women, and from various backgrounds and nations, and going to the Mary J. Tregalia Community House in Sioux City worked out perfectly for that.

So for this episode we sat in a room that sometimes holds events such as an English Language Learners class, with five women from varying walks of life.

Those sharing impressions are Tiffany, a Causaisan woman who now has the added perspective of being a recent grandmother, and Yareli, a Latino woman with a child who just turned 2. There's a daughter and mother team who hail from Vietnam, with Anna, who has a 4-year-old son and her mom Tang, who has four adult children and is a grandmother too. The fifth person is Alimetu, who is originally from Ethiopia and is raising four children from age 2 to 12.

It was a fun and illuminating discussion, as they pondered such questions recalling early year advice that people gave, who do they see as mother role models, listing the skills or qualities they hoped to pass along to their children, and some of the things they like to do to celebrate Mother's Day.

Click on the audio link above to hear the entire show.
*What's The Frequency, Episode 16