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What's The Frequency: The challenges and benefits of Siouxland colleges, high schools launching new sports programs

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In this week's episode of Welcome to What’s The Frequency we delve into what it takes to launch a new sports program at the high school and college levels, something that takes substantial money, administrative support and numerous athletes itching to take part in a new endeavor.

Some teams have been in existence in leagues or conferences for decades, and have built-in fan following, and players who someday hope and dream to play for them. That’s true for the Los Angeles Lakers, the Dallas Cowboys, the Duke Blue Devils and Iowa State University, plus hundreds of more teams.

All those sports teams were at one point start-ups, where a coach or players wanted to form a team, and took the steps to carry that out.

Even today, there are more teams being created at the college and high school levels, including here in Siouxland. The guests on today's show share insights into what it is like to be involved with the challenges of the founding of a team, from the perspective of an athletic director, coach and player.

Those guests are Mike Brown, who is the Athletic Director for Western Iowa Tech Community College in Sioux City, Evan Bohnet, head coach for the South Sioux City High School girls wrestling team, and Maya Augustine, a freshman from Sioux City who played outside hitter on the first-year WIT volleyball team.

Click on the audio link above to hear the entire show.
*What's The Frequency, Episode 8