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What's The Frequency: Iowa legislators debating teacher pay, guns in schools & DEI measures that moved past funnel

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The state legislatures of all three Siouxland states are well into their second months.
Last week we checked in on what’s happening in South Dakota and Nebraska, and now on this week's episode of Welcome to What’s The Frequency we return to Iowa to hear what's happening from a few Northwest Iowa lawmakers.

February 16 marked one of the first notable timeline days in the Iowa Legislature session. That was the so-called first funnel date, when bills had to have moved forward from committee level, or they were killed for the year.

A few that remained alive would update laws for how teachers could have guns in schools, plus increase teacher pay and change up the longstanding functioning of regional Area Education Agencies that provide a lot of specialty services that many smaller school districts can’t provide on their own.

A bill that would restrict diversity, equity and inclusion programs at Iowa’s public universities is still alive in the Iowa House.
Two Iowa House members, Bob Henderson, a Republican from Sioux City, and J.D. Scholten, a Democrat from Sioux City, weigh in on those bills and more.

Click on the audio link above to hear the entire show.

*What's The Frequency, Episode 7.