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What's The Frequency: Statehouse reporters air big issues in South Dakota & Nebraska Legislatures, including abortion, tax shifts, guns, teacher pay

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On this week's episode of What’s The Frequency on Siouxland Public Media, the state legislatures of all three Siouxland states are well into their second months, and we check in on what’s happening in South Dakota and Nebraska.

We’ll get back to Iowa next week, where, like in the other states, there are lots of measures dealing with taxes, education and social issues.

Giving the lay of the land in Nebraska and South Dakota are some well-positioned politics reporters who daily cover the legislatures, with Lee Sturbinger, of South Dakota Public Media, and Paul Hammel, of the Nebraska Examiner.

In Nebraska, we hear from Hammel on the role of Republican Gov. Jim Pillen in legislative machinations, a proposal to get rid of the Nebraska inheritance tax, Pillen's proposal to reduce property taxes and replace that revenue with a higher state sales tax rate, a proposal to arm teachers in Nebraska, abortion, and more.

Sturbinger discusses the South Dakota Legislature, where Republicans hold super majorities in both legislative chambers. We air
a proposal to restrict foreign ownership of land, to increase salaries for public school teachers, and how there might there be a ballot measure on abortion going to voters in November — and whether tyhat might result in a surprising outcome.

Strubinger also assesses whether Gov. Kristi Noem could possibly land as the vice presidential pick by presidential candidate Donald Trump in 2024.

Click on the audio link above to hear the entire show.

*What's The Frequency, Episode 6.