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The Exchange 06.22.22: Siouxland Celebrates Music with SITP, Downtown Live and the SC Municipal Band Concerts; Fatherhood from beginning to end

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Turn, Turn, Turn; The Sioux City Municipal Band and The Avett Brothers

This week on The Exchange we catch up with some authors who write about fatherhood and parental legacy, and we also talk with a daughter who spent 20 years researching the defining experience of her mother's life.

We also talk with Brent Stockton about the upcoming Saturday in the Park celebration set for July 2nd at Grandview Park. Brent also previews what's coming up at Downtown Live every Friday evening this summer.

And a famed horse whisperer talks about how thinking like a horse could lead to a better, more productive life.

Father’s Day just this last Sunday, and today we talk with two authors about fatherhood-what you put into it when children are young and what kind of legacy you can leave for them for the future.

Kendall Smith and his son Connor

For writer Kendall Smith, becoming a father posed special challenges because he grew up without one. Kendall was raised by his mother. In his book, Rookie Father: A Playbook for men Experiencing Fatherhood for the First Time, Kendall shares some wisdom from his own experiences, from observing other dads, and interviewing generations of men.
Smith says becoming a good father for him, started with his mother.

Most parents make sure they write a last will and testament for the benefit of their children, which disposes of items with material value. However, an ethical will is a statement to your survivors that records the beliefs and values you wish to perpetuate.
Rabbi Steve Leder, author of For You When I’m Gone: Twelve Essential Questions to Tell A Life Story, says writing an ethical will helps us communicate our legacy, values and our understanding of life to the people we love.

In 1946, six nuns from Kentucky made a journey to one of the poorest states in India to start a hospital and train women to become nurses.

This never before told story is being memorialized in a new book, Sisters of Mokama: The Pioneering Women who Brought Hope and Healving to India. The author, Jyoti Thottam is also the senior opinion editor at the New York Times. Thottam spent 20 years researching Nazareth Hospital, created in India after partition in India in 1946.
Thottam learned about the sisters because her mother had trained with them at a time when girls in India did not generally leave home to take on such work.

Sisters of Mokama: The Pioneering Women who Brought Hope and Healing to India
Penquin Random House
Penquin Random House
Sisters of Mokama: The Pioneering Women who Brought Hope and Healing to India

Wisdom is not the sole province of professors and sages, as can be seen with the life and career of Grant Goliher. Goliher is known as the "horse whisperer," and at his Colorado ranch he shares his advice and counsel to leaders of industry. In his new book, Think Like A Horse: Lessons on Life, Leadership and Empathy from An Unconventional Cowboy, Goliher shows how horse training is sometimes not so different from human training.

Aside from Father’s Day, there was another major commemoration this week-Juneteenth. June 19, 1865, two months after the Confederacy surrendered, two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation, slaves in Texas learned that they were free. Jim Schaap commemorates Juneteenth with a new story.

It is officially summer in Siouxland that means a wide range of musical performers in the great outdoors. The Sioux City Municipal Band at the Grandview Park Bandshell have a long-standing legacy of Sunday evening performances in June and July. There is another band concert coming up this weekend, and I talked about it with the band’s conductor Michael Prichard.

During the next couple of months people can enjoy a series of concerts, including the region’s biggest music festival, Saturday in the Park. Siouxland Public Media’s Sheila Brummer reached out to Brent Stockton who helps behind the scenes to bring all these sounds to Sioux City.

Siouxland Public Media's Sheila Brummer
Avett Brothers to be at Saturday in the Park, June 2, 2022

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