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NEWS 2.13.23

The Sioux City Council is expected to hear public comments today on a 10-year contract for garbage and recycling collections.

Gill Hauling is looking at picking up recyclables every other week with a rate increase. A vote scheduled for last week was delayed after Mayor Scott expressed concern that no public hearing was held on the proposal.

For more than three months, all of the glass and plastic in Mason City’s curbside recycling bins hasn’t been recycled at all.

Instead, the city has been forced to dump glass and plastic recyclables at a landfill.

According to environmental organization Sierra Club, glass presents tough recycling problems — including lack of end markets, contamination, and transportation costs — partly because it weighs about 10 times as much as a similar volume of plastic or aluminum.

It also breaks up easily, which makes it hard on equipment and increases maintenance costs. Glass fragments easily mix with paper and cardboard in single-stream recycling, reducing the value of these products. That’s made the market for recycled glass limited or nonexistent in parts of the country.

Another factor in the market is China’s decision to stop taking much of the world’s waste in 2018. That caused the price to plummet domestically as supply skyrocketed.

The Crittenton Center plans to build six tiny homes on a nearly 5-acre portion of its Green Avenue campus for youth who are aging out of the foster care system. The durable, modern one-bed, one-bath homes will each be about 600 square feet inside and come equipped with a kitchen, living room and outdoor space. Officials with the non-profit say the homes could house as few as six young adults or as many as 12 and be move-in ready by the end of the year.

The South Dakota House State Affairs committee on Monday morning heard two bills limiting minors’ attendance at drag shows, but only one passed, while the other was tabled. More on the story from the Argus Leader can be found here.

Nebraska lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow medical providers, facilities and insurers to cite their religious, ethical or moral beliefs in denying some medical treatments. Critics say it’s simply another way to target abortion rights and the LGBTQ community. The bill casts a wide net, with the term “medical providers” covering everyone from doctors, nurses and pharmacists to mental health counselors and nursing home staffers. They could refuse to perform nonemergency procedures, from abortions to gender-affirming hormone treatment to prescribing birth control, if the provider has a moral objection to it.

Former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake said her Iowa upbringing is one source of her fighter mentality, motivating her to challenge the results of the election that she lost in 2022 and potentially run for U.S. Senate next year.

Lake lost her 2022 race for Arizona governor by 17,000 votes. She’s asking the Arizona Court of Appeals to revive her lawsuit alleging illegal voting and problems with ballot printers cost her the election. Lake, a native of eastern Iowa, drew large crowds at events in Bettendorf and Ankeny.

Lake told reportersshe’s a big supporter of Donald Trump’s campaign to return to the White House and does not plan to run for president herself.

The Iowa GOP’s chairman says there will be “layer upon layer” of safeguards for voting in the 2024 Iowa Republican Party’s Caucuses that will kick off the GOP’s presidential campaign.

Jeff Kaufmann made his comments on “Iowa Press” on Iowa PBS over the weekend.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says more cases of chronic wasting disease have been found in the deer population of Iowa.

Radio Iowa reports out of 5000 animal samples, 84 tested positive across the state, including Plymouth County.

CWD cases have been heavier in south-central Iowa, particularly Wayne County. There have also been concentrations in the northeast corner of the state.

The DNR usually holds meetings in counties once the first case of CWD is confirmed.

CWD is a disease that impacts the animal’s brain and is always fatal to deer. The Iowa DNR has been tracking the disease since it was first discovered in Iowa in Allamakee County in 2013.

Submitted news release:

National Cardiac Rehabilitation Week: Feb. 13-19, 2023

Sioux City, Iowa; Feb. 13, 2023 – Heart health is a critical component to living a long, happy, healthy life. And when it comes to the most important muscle in your body, if you’ve faced a heart attack, heart surgery or other heart condition, your heart’s recovery program can be one of the most important steps to get you back to living your best life.

That’s where MercyOne cardiac rehab comes in. MercyOne’s personalized, three-phase comprehensive program is individually tailored to the needs of patients recovering from a heart-related event.

“You only get one heart,” said Barb Gunter, RN, MercyOne cardiac rehab nurse. “So, it’s important to take care of it. Our goal with cardiac rehab is to improve your quality of life. That’s why our recovery plan for each patient can often look so different – it’s tailor-made for you and your heart condition.”

Because MercyOne heals all kinds of hearts, the health care system also rehabs all kinds of hearts. Mike Pesky has been through cardiac rehab at MercyOne several times and knows first-hand the importance of custom, comprehensive rehab. “If I didn’t have cardiac rehab, I would seriously doubt I’d have the life expectancy I have now,” said Mike. “The cardiac rehab team at MercyOne cares, and it shines through like the sun outside. I have been very, very blessed to have this team behind me.”

MercyOne cardiac rehab colleagues include a registered nurse and certified exercise specialists.

Education on risk factors and ways to reduce them are presented as well as healthy eating and stress management.

“It’s really incredible to see our patients turn a corner in their heart journeys,” said Gunter. “Many can come in after a heart episode and be struggling emotionally, mentally and physically and it’s our job to help heal them in all of those areas. To know and see you were a part of that healing, is really special.”

National Cardiac Rehabilitation Week is February 13-19, 2023 – and it is the perfect time to start paying more attention to your own heart health. Hear more about Mike’s story and others here, and learn how healthy your own heart is by taking our quiztoday!