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Sixth District Republican House Representative Jim Carlin

The Sioux City Council held a pre-legislative forum yesterday.  Siouxland house and senate representatives and other local leaders discussed TIF or Tax increment financing. TIF allows municipalities to earmark property tax revenue from specific districts to raise the districts’ assessed value. While some Iowa lawmakers are questioning the value of TIF, newly-elected Sixth District Republican State representative Jim Carlin says it’s been a successful economic tool for Sioux City.


“You need tools that are going to put you in a position to make the city an attractive option for businesses and that’s one of the tools that’s been used quite effectively.  in favor of.”

Carlin is also interested in working on a plan to provide property tax relief to senior citizens by freezing their property valuations.

Jim Carlin talks about property taxes and seniors on fixed incomes.


“It represents a significant burden on seniors on fixed income when their property taxes go up ten percent.  You know, 200-250 dollars is a good chunk of their budget when they are living on a fixed income.”

The forum also discussed the possibility of the state rescinding approval for the use of red light cameras.  The state legislature convenes it’s 2017 session on January 9th.

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