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News and resources regarding COVID-19

COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic Planned for the Mary J. Treglia Community House

Iowa Department of Public Health

A local advocate for the immigrant community says there is concern people who speak other languages are not hearing factual updates about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Becky Carlson is the Executive Director of the Mary J. Treglia Community House in Sioux City. 

Credit Mary J. Traglia Community House
Executive Director of the Mary J. Treglia Community House Becky Carlson

“There is a lot of rumors, and misinformation that is floating around for everybody because everything is so confusing. We just want to make sure people get access to that information.”

A vaccination clinic has been scheduled for next Wednesday, March 17th at Mary Treglia. There are still openings for the 200 available doses. The clinic is open to the public, but Mary Treglia is doing personal outreach to contact people they serve, who could be at higher risk.

“We are trying hard to reach out to folks to know we are a safe place to get vaccines and that they are a priority.”

Carlson also says trust comes into play, especially with several rumors surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We are aware of a concern that people of color are not getting the same shot as other folk.”

“We want to make sure others know we are getting shots from Siouxland District Heath and it is  very controlled and everyone is getting the same shots.”

For more information on the vaccination clinic contact the Mary J. Treglia Community House at (712) 258-5137. 

Siouxland Public Media works with the Mary J. Treglia Community House to provide “News for All”. The media project provides newscasts in five different languages: Somali, Spanish, Oromo, Vietnamese, Amharic.

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