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DACA Supreme Court Decision Leaves Room for Uncertainty



SC DACA Decision  1  061920

The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that the Trump administration may not immediately go ahead with plans to end a program protecting young immigrants known as Dreamers from deportation.  There are about 700 hundred-thousand DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals residents in the United States. 

Andrea Paret, DOJ Accredited Representative, at Mary Treglia Community House, Sioux City

Andrea Paret is the Department of Justice accredited representative at Mary Treglia Community House in Sioux City. She provides legal assistance to immigrants. Paret says the Supreme Court ruling is not a permanent solution. 


“In 2017 the Trump administration put a stop to new DACA applications and only renewals have been possible since then. And so the decision today is just allowing renewals to continue.”

Paret says despite the ruling, DACA recipients will continue to live in uncertainty


Andrea Paret

“You know, fearing that they’ll have their families separated, fearing what will happen to their children that were born in the United States and are United States citizens, there’s just a lot connected with all that.”

There are nearly 25 hundred DACA “Dreamers” in Iowa.

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