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State House Represenative from Marshalltown to Run for Leader of the Iowa Democratic Party

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A State Representative from Marshalltown says today he’s running to be the next chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party. Mark Smith says that his background gives him the ability to step in and help restore confidence to his party. Current chair Troy Price announced his resignation yesterday, after more than a week of confusion about the process and results of the Iowa caucuses. 

“So whether people oppose or support abortion, I think the least we can do is ensure that all human remains including the bodily remains of all unborn children are treated with dignity and respect.”

Two women at the hearing shared their experiences with miscarriages, and said it’s insulting to suggest women going through a very difficult time should have to make that decision and be given a death certificate.

A lobbyist associated with the state’s largest hospital network says they already have a policy of discussing options with women whose pregnancies end, and they keep the remains for a month in case they change their minds.

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