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Iowa Democratic Party Expects Some Caucus Results Today

Iowa Democratic Party Chair, Troy Price, courtesy, iowademocrats.org

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Iowa Democratic Party officials say they expect to have some caucus results this afternoon, after some technology-based delayed reporting. The party says those delays were due to a coding issue that has been fixed. Party Chair Troy Price says independent cybersecurity consultants tested the systems before the caucuses. Candidates left Iowa last night for New Hampshire, not knowing who won.

Iowa's coveted position as the first-in-the-nation nominating contest has been challenged many times.  

Many interest groups and political advisers say that the overwhelmingly white state isn't representative of the country's diversity. And the final weeks of the campaign were complicated by President Donald Trump's impeachment trial.  The trial sidelined several candidates at a pivotal moment. 

President Donald Trump won the overwhelming support of the Republican party in Iowa yesterday.

A Republican caucus site in Le Mars with five precincts showed unanimous support for Trump. More than 130 people turned out to caucus in that northwestern Iowa city. Mary Fedders was one of them. She says Trump has delivered on his promises.

 You just go right down the list, everything he said he was going to do, he’s done. We have the trade deals and he’s working on some health care issues and lowering prescription costs and a zillion other things actually. 

The Associated Press called Trump the winner of the Iowa Republican caucuses last night less than 30 minutes after the caucuses began.

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