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Iowa Caucus Could Produce More Complex Results This Election Year


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Iowa’s Democratic presidential precinct caucuses are more complex than they were four years ago. 

As usual, instead of just casting a ballot, participants gather in a room and show their support by standing in groups. And the winner isn’t decided by votes, but by state delegate equivalents.

But, this year, for the first time, the Iowa Democratic Party will announce not only the number of state delegate equivalents earned by each presidential candidate, but also the number of participants who cast their initial preference for each candidate, and the final alignment before the delegate equivalents are calculated.

In other words, there could be more than the one perceived winner on caucus night.  The possibility for murky results seems amplified with such a tight race.

With Democratic presidential candidates in Iowa for its kickoff caucuses, Michael Bloomberg is going his own way. The billionaire former New York City mayor is in California rallying supporters, as he bypasses early voting states like Iowa in favor of bigger, delegate-rich states to come.  A survey report suggests the economy continues to grow in nine Midwest and Plains states. The Mid-America Business Conditions Index jumped to 57.2 in January from 50.6 in December. The survey was conducted before much of the bad news was reported about the coronavirus outbreak that originated in China.  

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