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Sioux City Council Delays Vote on Badgerow Building Agreement


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Governor Kim Reynolds says she’s disappointed that a federal judge temporarily blocked a new law critics call “ag-gag two-point-oh”.

The law creates a specific trespass crime for people who go undercover to investigate livestock operations and puppy mills. The ACLU of Iowa says the temporary hold on the law is a victory for free speech.

The South Sioux City Fire Department has been awarded a Fire Prevention and Safety Grant from FEMA. 

This grant will allow the fire department to offer smoke and carbon monoxide alarms free of charge to the residents of South Sioux City. 

Captain Jay Mathis is with the South Sioux City Fire Department.  

“We’ve purchased I believe 500 smoke detectors and 500 CO detectors.  And with that, we have also received some specialty detectors for people with disabilities. Hearing impairments, sight impairments.”

The FEMA grant includes 4 hearing impaired smoke alarms with strobe lights and 4-bed shakers. South Sioux City residents without smoke or CO alarms can contact the fire department and ask to get them installed. 

Sioux City Council members yesterday delayed a vote on a consulting services agreement related to the redevelopment of the Badgerow Building. There was concern about the lack of information about Chicago-based Hunden Strategic Partners' experience with projects that involve historic tax credits.

The council unanimously voted to defer the matter until its next meeting on Dec. 9. 

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