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Beto O'Rourke Explains Care Giver Health Care Reform at Sioux City Forum

071919 Beto Health Care Plan

Democratic Presidential Candidate Beto O’Rourke today announced a new health care plan that would give relief to caregivers. He provided details of the plan today at AARP-Des Moines Register candidate forum at the Sioux City Convention Center. 

O’Rourke says his proposal would offer credit to caregivers who leave the labor force in order to care for a child or other family member. He says now, when you take time to care for a family member, you are effectively penalized by Social Security.

“we make sure that up to five years, you are credited for that work that you are providing typically in your home for a family member.  So that’s an important improvement to social security.”

O’Rourke also says his health plan would allow people to keep their private insurance, instead of transfering to a single payer plan. 

Three other Democratic presidential candidates appeared today at the forum, including Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, author Marianne Williamson and entrepreneur Andrew Yang.

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