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Western Iowa a Haven for Mosuitoes Carrying West Nile Virus, Flooding in Davenport, SPM, 4:04

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It looks like you are most likely to contract the West Nile virus from the pests buzzing around western Iowa, according to a study on mosquitoes in Iowa.

Iowa State University entomologist, Ryan Smith, says this is the first time they’ve been able to get an idea of the pattern of West Nile transmission. Smith says the ecology of the western counties is a big factor. He says one species of mosquito really likes farmland area — especially irrigated farmland.

The fast-rising Mississippi River today neared levels unseen since a historic 1993 flood, threatening levees and forcing people living near the river to move to higher ground. The river was within inches of the 1993 all-time high and was expected to top it by tomorrow.

Parts of downtown Davenport remained underwater after the river tore through a temporary barrier in 1993.  Davenport has no permanent levee or floodwall. 

The Ponca Tribe of Nebraska has secured another legal win to keep its new casino in western Iowa open, despite the best efforts of the states of Iowa and Nebraska.

The National Indian Gaming Commission ruled yesterday in the tribe's favor, saying it has the right to operate the Prairie Flower Casino on land it acquired in Carter Lake, Iowa.

While the casino is technically in Iowa, it lies west of the Missouri River, in  Omaha. The neighboring city of Council Bluffs,— which already hosts three state-licensed casinos — and the states of Iowa and Nebraska sued to shut the Prairie Flower down.

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