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Siouxland Public Media Newscast, 5:04, 03.27.19

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Republican Governor Kim Reynolds today signed a bill into law that requires colleges to promote free expression and to avoid attempts to shield students from the speech of others. The new law also bans “free speech zones,” which some lawmakers say infringe on constitutional rights by only allowing expression in certain areas of campus. 

County treasurers in Iowa abruptly canceled a scholarship program Wednesday that benefited their relatives and employees amid criticism that the vendor-funded awards were illegal gifts under state ethics law.

Since the program's inception in 2014, critics have worried that the scholarships violated the gift law, which bars public employees and their immediate relatives from accepting money from contractors. 

Widespread flooding along the Missouri River and its tributaries may delay some crop planting. That could increase the cost of animal feed, possibly forcing beef or pork producers to adjust their herd sizes.

But an  Iowa State University livestock economist says prices for pork, are pretty good and demand for meat is high. 

Under Iowa’s winter moratorium law, customers who qualify for low-income heating assistance are protected from having their natural gas or electric service disconnected between November 1st and April 1st.

The Iowa Utilities Board says the deadline is quickly approaching…  

The program pays only a portion of the utility bills, and the rest is the customer’s responsibility. Disconnection could begin as soon as next Tuesday.

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