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Siouxland Public Media News, 504, 03.29.19

This spring's massive flooding along the Missouri River has renewed criticism of the agency that manages the river's dams.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says much of the water that created this month's flooding came from rain and melting snow that flowed into the river downstream of all the dams. At the same time, massive amounts of water filled the reservoirs and some had to be released.

But many people who live near the Missouri River believe the Corps isn't doing enough to prevent floods or is placing too much emphasis on other priorities, such as protecting endangered species and preserving barge traffic.

Flooding in southwest Iowa has kept people out of their homes for two weeks now.  Some families have been settling in at campground sites.

10 families have been staying in RVs at Waubonsie (Wuh-BON-zee) State Park in Fremont County, as historic flooding continues to devastate southwest Iowa.

Hamburg Community Schools and local churches have been coordinating the effort. They’ve been feeding hot meals and doing laundry for evacuees at the campsite.

Mike Wells is the school district’s superintendent. He says this is a tough time, but these are tough people.

People have reserved campgrounds at the state park this season, so evacuees will soon have to move somewhere else. Wells says an arena in Sidney has offered their site to flood victims. 

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