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The Exchange: Native Americans on Homelessness, The Law Enforcement Center & Boarding Schools

This week on The Exchange, we focus on issues that affect Native Americans in Siouxland.

Native Americans have been part of the culture of the Siouxland for thousands of years. Yet, through the years of disappointments and broken treaties with various state and local governments, indigenous peoples have often been marginalized and left at a disadvantage.  Today on the Exchange we will talk with three native American leaders about Sioux City’s policies on homelessness and housing, the use of federal covid relief funds for the new law enforcement center, and the disturbing legacy of the Indian boarding schools. 

Our guests today are: 

Trish Etringer is theDirector of Operations for the Great Plains Action Society. She is an advocate for the Native American community and an advocate for voting rights. Her Native identify includes the Ho-Cak - Meskwaki - Pima - Ojibwe nations.

Calvin Harlan is the Acting Deputy Chief of Tribal Operations, Omaha Tribe of Nebraska at Omaha Tribe of Nebraska and a member of the Native Advisory Board to Sioux City Police Chief Rex Mueller.

Will Meier is a Sioux City probation officer, and a force behind the program, Native Youth Standing Strong.  The program was designed by members of the Native Community in partnership with Juvenile Court Services, and works on teaching Native arts, crafts and spirituality.

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