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Orange City Arts presents 'B—The Underwater Bubble Show'

Underwater Bubble Show

Months ago, Lindsay Bauer got an email with a video link. She wouldn't normally click on such things, but this time she did.

To her delight, she discovered “B—The Underwater Bubble Show.” They're not actually underwater. This isn’t SeaWorld. But there are bubbles.


Lots and lots of bubbles, plus dance, drama, mime, puppetry, juggling, acrobatics and special effects that invite the audience to dive into “Bubbleandia” with “Mr. B.” The overworked, self-absorbed everyman is magically transported to a land where fantasy becomes reality and daydreams come to life.


“If there’s any art form, it’s probably in this,” Bauer said. “It’s just incredible.”


The Cirque du Soleil-inspired group from Latvia will be performing at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Unity Christian Knight Center. The show is being presented by Orange City Arts, where Bauer serves as the executive director.


She can’t help but laugh at how seemingly absurd it was for a show like this to make a stop in a small town like Orange City. But incredible feats of the imagination happen to be a specialty of The Underwater Bubble Show.


“They’re playing three shows in the Midwest: in Omaha, in Kansas City and in Orange City,” Bauer said with a laugh. “We’re the only little town on their whole tour… If you think that the arts are not for you, you haven’t found your art because you can make art out of anything.”


Including bubbles.

This Wednesday on The Exchange, we’ll hear more from Bauer—talking about why she and her husband chose to live and work in Orange City, how she’s adjusting to her new leadership role and what she would like to see happen in the local arts community.

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