Barry Manilow Honors Sioux City Community Schools

Jun 21, 2019

Barry Manilow in Las Vegas, NV

The Sioux City Community School District’s music program just hit a high note after a major announcement from a famous performer.

Barry Manilow delivered an important message for students across the country and here locally.

“In second place, Sioux City School District from Sioux City, Iowa.  They get $20,000 for school instruments.”  “Fantastic!”

The Sioux City School District entered a video in a competition with the Barry Manilow Music Project.  First place receiving $100,000.

The submission showed a well-worn trumpet, banged-up saxophone and broken violin and highlighted the need for economic help.

“I have seen the impact you made around the country  I know you can do some cool things for the kids and would be honored if you reach out to us as one of the groups to help.”   

Kari Treinen from the Sioux City Community School District Foundation in Video Entry for Manilow Music Award
Credit Sioux City Community Schools

That’s Kari Treinen, Executive Director of the Sioux City Public Schools Foundation talking in the winning video.  One of more than 70 entries considered by the Manilow Music Project.

“My team looked at all of the videos and all the teams were filled with talent.”  

The $20,000 will go toward buying new instruments.  Enrollment in music programs increased by 25% in the past four years and is at a record high for the Sioux City Community School District..

The Manilow Music Project’s handed out more than $10 million dollars over three decades.

“I just want to say the reason we were able to do this was because of the Manilow Music Project.” 

The legendary singer and songwriter grew up in Brooklyn and attended a rough high school.  He credits orchestra class with changing his life.  Now, he’s helping others make even more music.