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The Exchange 04.12.23: Aladdin comes to the Orpheum Theater; How one woman dealt a punishing blow to KKK in the 1920s

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This week on The Exchange on Siouxland Public Media . . .

We hear about a new pilot program in Iowa that would create civil mental health courts to help people with serious mental illnesses stay on the medications and stay out of jail. We talk with the program's creator Leslie Carpenter about how the program will work in Johnson County.

We also talk to the author of a new book about the Ku Klux Klan in the Midwest and the woman who helped bring it down in Indiana. Timothy Egan's new book is called, A Fever in the Heartland.

Next weekend at the Orpheum Theater, the film Aladdin will be presented in concert with the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra. We also talk with the Symphony's Richard Steinbach about the event and his upcoming performance as part of the Sioux City Chamber Music Series.

The Sioux City Chamber Music Association

Also, the American Midwest Ballet will present The Wizard of Oz at the Orpheum. We talk with the group's ballet Master.

And Siouxland county officials and lawmakers meet to discuss property taxes, job creation and carbon pipelines.

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