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The Exchange: 4th District Democratic Candidate Ryan Melton; One journalist's take on January 6; The Prophetic Lens on Black Americans

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Iowa 4th District Democratic Candidate Ryan Melton

The Exchange for September 28, 2022.
Today was supposed to be the final day of hearings on the January 6th attack on the capital in Washington D.C., however the crisis in Florida over the landfall of Hurricane Ian has caused the postponement of the hearing. However, today on the program we talk with two people who are deeply concerned about the future of Democracy in America.

One is Democrat Ryan Melton who is running against 4th district Republican Randy Feenstra in the mid-term election. The other is journalist Luke Mogelson, who covered the events of January 6th in person and who has reported on insurgent groups in United States. He is still covering the war in Ukraine.

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Luke Mogelson
The Storm is Here: An American Crucible by Luke Mogelson

We also talk with writer and activist Phil Allen, Jr., the author of a new book about the role of the camera in American racism and how it has helped and hurt people of color.

Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 10.24.43 AM.png
The Prophetic Lens: The Camera and Black Moral Agency by Phil Allen, Jr.

And we have a preview of Riverssance this weekend in Siouxland.

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The Kingdom of Riverssance

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