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Newscast 07.17.23: A Polk County District Court Judge blocks enforcement of new abortion restrictions

This afternoon, a district court judge has issued a temporary injunction that blocks enforcement of the new abortion restrictions Governor Reynolds signed into law Friday afternoon, according to the Sioux City Journal.

The judge said attorneys for Iowa abortion providers had shown the six week abortion ban created “irreparable harm,” however the judge said the Iowa Board of Medicine may go ahead and draft rules for enforcing the law.

Governor Reynolds, in a written statement, said she “will fight this case all the way to the Iowa Supreme Court,? where she expects a decision that will “finally provide justice for the unborn.”

A similar law passed in 2018 never went into effect due to a district court injunction, but in the past five years Reynolds has appointed a majority of the justices on the Iowa Supreme Court. And last year the U-S Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade, the decision that had legalized abortion nationwide, leaving the abortion policy debates up to the states.

Advocates who asked for the temporary injunction plan to speak with reporters late this afternoon.

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